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Laser/Light Treatments

Cutting-edge technology for anti-aging and skin health.

Lazaderm has some of the latest laser technology to best serve its patients. Our laser technology is geared toward getting our patients back to their youthful, glowing skin. The Lazaderm team has put countless hours into training and education in laser and light treatment technology. We’re so passionate about lasers that we named our company after them! Remove years of damage and aging with a laser or light treatment at Lazaderm.  

Lazaderm Offers the Following Laser and Light Treatments

Sciton BBL (Broadband Light)

This innovative technology targets age and sun spots, rosacea, fine lines, uneven tone and texture, small facial veins, spider veins, and enlarged pores.  Learn More

Sciton Moxi Laser

This fractioned wavelength laser is ideal for patients just starting their skincare journey, looking for a light touch-up, and those wanting something more but without downtime. The Moxi is great for stubborn melasma, sun spots, and age-related brown spots. Learn More

The Halo Laser – only available in Sioux Falls and Fargo

The Halo is the first hybrid laser that promotes skin turnover and collagen renewal as well as improves the tone and texture of your skin. It is also known as an anti-aging powerhouse. Learn More


Profractional Treatment improves skin tone, acne scarring, smoothes out fine lines, and evens out skin discoloration by treating tiny sections of the skin at a time. Learn More

Erbium Resurfacing Laser

Erbium laser resurfacing is a procedure designed to remove superficial and moderately deep lines and wrinkles on the face, offering dramatic improvement in the appearance of the skin. Learn More

Fraxel Laser – only available in Sioux City

The Fraxel Laser utilizes advanced technology to take on freckles, wrinkles, and age spots while preserving the skin between your treatment zone. Learn More

Clear + Brilliant Laser – only available in Sioux City

Perfect for those looking to keep their skin looking its youthful best – the Clear+Brilliant laser is gentle yet effective. Learn More

MicroLaser Peel

A MicroLaser Peel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance. Learn More

Q Switch| Quanta

The Q-switched laser is used to remove unwanted brown spots, sun freckles, or tattoos from your skin.  Learn More

Forever Young BBL

The Forever Young BBL is a preventive regimen for both men and women who desire to combat sun and environmental damage that adds up over time.

Lumenis CO2
This advanced laser delivers thousands of tiny little pulses to the skin each heating a column of tissue that eliminates pigmentation, significantly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, pucker marks and acne scars. Learn More

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most effective treatments available for reducing and inhibiting hair growth in all areas of the body. At Lazaderm, we use the most advanced lasers available for optimized results. Learn More

Laser Tattoo Removal

We have the most advanced technology for laser tattoo removal, you no longer have to live with your regrets. Learn More

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