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Lazaderm VIP

We want our all of our patients to experience Lazaderm VIP Program! It’s quick, easy and free to sign up!
Lazaderm VIP

What is Lazaderm VIP?

  • At every appointment scan the QR at the front desk or in your procedure room. Each scan will get you closer to a reward!
  • Want to know our latest promotions and events? Open the app and check out the latest happenings at Lazaderm.
  • VIP Text promotions. We have the best patients so when we have exclusive deals we’ll send out a text promo to let you know.
  • The App also allows you to login into your ALLE and ASPIRE rewards programs.

How Do You Become a Lazaderm VIP?

  • Visit this link:
  • Enter the information it prompts you for and save the app to your phone.
  • Next time you stop in for your appointment scan the QR code at the front desk and get $50 off your service!
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