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Best laser tattoo removal technology in the area

We have the most advanced laser technology available for the tattoo removal process. Considered “color blind,” it works on all colors of tattoos, including blues and greens. These tend to be the most difficult colors to remove. On average, it reduces the number of treatments needed for full removal by half when compared to other lasers used for tattoo removal. This system is safe, sterile, effective, and capable of removing any size tattoo.

Thanks to the tattoo removal laser, the most advanced technology for laser tattoo removal, you no longer have to live with your regrets. The tattoo removal procedure is available at Lazaderm under the direction of Dr. Hansen. You can be sure that the procedure is safe, sterile and effective. This tattoo laser works on all colors of tattoos. Including blues and greens, which tend to be the most difficult colors to remove. The other exciting benefit is that the number of treatments will be reduced by up to half. The system is capable of erasing any size tattoo from your skin.

In order to make your tattoo fade away, laser light is applied to the tattoo. This causes the ink to break up, fade and then disappear. The surrounding skin is unharmed. The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used and the depth of the ink into your skin. In the past, colors such as bright blue and green, were more difficult to remove than others and would require additional treatments.

Now, no color of tattoo can hide. Unlike previous generation Q-Switch lasers, this tattoo removal laser is “color blind” and can hit all colors. During the application of the laser light, you will feel a slight sensation. It will be similar to a small rubber band snapping on the skin.

95% of fading can be accomplished in most tattoos. Without knowing the depth and type of ink, it’s impossible to predict exactly how a specific tattoo will respond to the laser treatment.

The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used and the depth of the ink into your skin; 95% of fading can be accomplished in most tattoos. Again, without knowing the depth and type of ink, it is impossible to predict exactly how a specific tattoo will respond to the laser treatment.

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Frequently Asked Tattoo Removal Questions

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoos consist of pigment (ink) that has been placed into the dermis of the skin. The ink particles are not recognized by the immune system and are too large to be removed by your skin’s natural healing process. During laser tattoo treatments, the laser targets the pigment in the tattoo and breaks the pigment into smaller pieces. Your immune system will then naturally remove the ink from the area.

How many treatments will it take?

There are many variables associated with laser tattoo removal: • Age of the tattoo – older tattoos tend to go away faster • Size of the tattoo – larger tattoos often require more treatments • Depth of the Tattoo – the deeper the tattoo the more treatments needed • Location of the tattoo – the further away from the heart the more treatments needed • Colors of ink used in the tattoo – some colors can be more difficult to remove such as in yellow from Caucasian skin. This is partly because the yellow is very close to the color of the skin but generally can be removed to be much less visible. • Type of ink used  • Patient Skin Color – Darker skin types may be more difficult to remove tattoo ink without skin changes. It is important for your laser provider to understand laser skin interaction. • Cover-up tattoos – these may be more difficult secondary to the increased quantity of ink deposited in the skin. • Patient Health – patients in poor health tend to have a weakened immune system and may require more treatments. Most professional tattoos will require eight to fifteen treatments dependent upon the above variables. Some may even require more treatments to have complete removal of the tattoo.

Occasionally a tattoo could even take more than 15 treatments.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

It does hurt but the pain is bearable. Some patients feel that the laser treatment is more painful than getting the tattoo and others feel that it is less. The good news is that each treatment is much faster than getting the tattoo. The laser treated area may be sensitive to touch for a short period of time, but this resolves quickly.

How long is each treatment?

This is dependent on the size and colors of the tattoo. Small black tattoos may take less than a minute. Larger tattoos will take more time. We generally recommend that you do not treat more than 30 minutes at a time.

How long between treatments?

We feel that you should wait at least six weeks between treatments. We want to make sure that the skin around the tattoo has had ample time to repair itself between laser treatments. This will decrease the risk of pigmentation changes and scarring of the skin.

Will I get scarring?

The goal of using newer lasers for tattoo removal is to avoid scarring. The PicoSure laser and Q-switched lasers decrease the risk of skin changes and scarring. If there is scarring within the tattoo before treatment the scarring will remain.

Can I remove part of a tattoo?

Yes, this is a very common request secondary to misspellings, wrong dates and other issues such as an unwanted name in a tattoo. The laser is very precise but it can affect the ink around the treated areas and require a slight touch-up.

Can I lighten my tattoo to get it covered?

Yes, this is another very common question. We often have patients that do not like their old tattoo or it has lost the personal meaning and would like to cover it up. We like to work very closely with the artists you will be using for the cover-up tattoo. We want to give the tattoo artist as clean a canvas as we can. This will allow the tattoo artist freedom with their design.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Each treatment may cost as little as $199 for a small black tattoo and up to $600 for a 30-minute session. We recommend that you do not treat more than can be treated in a 30-minute session. Remember, it is your immune system that needs to respond to the treated ink. If the immune system is overwhelmed, you may receive less improvement per treatment.

Can I receive laser tattoo removal treatments while I am pregnant?

At Lazaderm we will not treat during pregnancy. Your health and the health of the baby are our number one priority. Also, tattoo removal is based upon the response of your immune system and during pregnancy, your immune system will not be focused on removing ink from your skin as it has better things to do.

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