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vivace microneedling

Why Microneedling with RF?

Most patients ask what RF is. RF is Radiofrequency energy that heats the dermis of the skin which not only encourages collagen growth but tissue tightening as well. Vivace Microneedling RF combines both microneedling and radiofrequency heat energy to amplify…

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smooth skin

Effortlessly Smooth Skin

People often ask me what my favorite procedure is or what is the most common procedure? A service that I think often falls to the wayside is laser hair removal or laser hair reduction.  Personally, as a young, working mother,…

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#NoFilter on Your Selfies

As society becomes more and more focused on social media and the importance of a youthful appearance, there is more pressure on our industry to reverse the signs of aging.  A product that I am very excited to launch in…

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How to Make Your EYES Stand OUT

Permanent Eyeliner is something everyone woman would love to have. Eyeliner can be subtle to very dramatic; it is all dependent on what the patient wants. Tattooed eyeliner will make your eyes stand out and make your eyelashes look fuller.…

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Fall Skincare Products with Dr. Brittany Wangsness

Dr. Brittany Wangsness shares her favorite Fall skincare products and why it is important to help your skin recover after a busy Summer.

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