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Top 5 Pre-Holiday Non-surgical Treatments

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. It's a time when you want to look your best and may want to treat yourself to a nice end-of-year present. At this time of the year, many patients have asked…

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Lazaderm Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you prefer to purchase practical gifts, useful gifts or if you go for the "wow" factor, we have something for men, women and teens.  Shopping local this year is important more than ever, and might actually help you to…

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Tanning Myths

MYTH #1 Sunscreen is not always necessary especially in the winter months.   Many people believe that sunscreen is only necessary when their entire body is exposed to sunlight, such as when at the pool or swimming in the ocean.…

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Benefits of BBl Treatments

There are many different options to improve sun damage and thin skin. One of the first important steps is to begin taking better care of your skin. We always recommend a good sunblock which includes at least 7% of titanium…

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Skin Sins You Should Avoid

Ok, we're all guilty of these things once in awhile, and we forget why we aren't supposed to do them.  This post provides more detail on why we shouldn't commit these skin sins and what they do to our faces!…

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