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How to Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

Brides – we know you have a million decisions to make while planning your wedding. This simple guide lays out a timeline of how to prep your skin for the big day! Makeup can cover up a lot, but when your actual skin is glowing, your makeup will enhance that.  We want all of our brides to look their best and feel so confident in their skin.

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Wedding Prep Skin Plan

9-12 months out

Schedule a consultation with one of our providers.  Our provider will help you to identify your concerns, establish goals along with you, and a treatment plan that will get you there.  You can even customize your treatment plan so you have radiant skin for your bachelorette party and wedding shower. You will want to get on a skin care regimen recommended by your provider to treat any acne or other skin concerns.  This skin care will work with any other treatments you plan to do.

6-9 months out

Start skin health treatments such as Broadband Light, Microneedling or HydraFacials. (This will be part of your skin care plan that you create with your provider.) This is a great time to trial Botox and Filler treatments because you will have plenty of time to look at your results and make tweaks according to what look you desire. At 6-9 months out, you also have time to do fat reduction treatments such as truSculpt or CoolSculpt.

3-6 months out

Continue with skin care and treatments according to your skin care plan.  Update your Botox, and discuss with your provider if there are any changes you’d like to make from the previous treatment.

1-3 months out

Continue with your skin care regimen. Schedule a skin health treatment (Vivace or Halo), update your Botox treatment. Consider Filler touch-ups in the lips, tear troughs, cheeks or chin.  You will already know how your Filler will look, but this appointment is just to touch it up so it is looking perfect!

1 week – 1 month out

A full Botox treatment is not recommended closer than 3 weeks to the wedding.  Final skin health treatments such as Broadband Light and HydraFacial can happen during this time.

1-2 weeks out

You can touch up Botox if needed.  Schedule a HydraFacial for the final touch and a beautiful glow!


The list seems long, but it is much simpler than it seems.  Schedule a free consult with one of our providers, and this will be customized to your specific needs.  We love a great wedding prep skin plan! Our brides love it, too!

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