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Double Chin

There are multiple factors that play a role in the development of a double chin.


As we age, our skin loses elasticity as well as some of the connective tissue underneath the skin that connects it to the underlying muscle.

Weight & Genetics

Weight plays a role in the development of a double chin. There is also a genetic component to excess submental fat. Some clients will have a double chin even though they are at their ideal weight because their body is genetically programmed to store fat in the area. Having a recessed chin also called a “weak chin” can contribute to the appearance of a double chin.

double chin


You will see many websites that will talk about exercise, creams and all sorts of other home remedies that fix a double chin. The creams may help the appearance of the skin but will do nothing for the fat. You also cannot spot exercise for the area.

  • AGNES RF is your non-surgical solution to jawline contouring due to excess weight gain or lax skin, jowl correction, and double chin reduction.
  • Diet and weight loss may improve this area especially if you are not at your ideal weight. If you are at your ideal weight and still have a double chin you may have to look at other options
  • Kybella is a relatively recent FDA-approved development and is a naturally occurring bile salt called deoxycholic acid. It is injected underneath the skin to permanently destroy fat. For best results, the submental fat will need 1 to 5 treatments. If your issue is mostly lax skin, Kybella is not a good choice
  • CoolSculpting has a special handpiece for the treatment of submental fat using non-surgical methods. Lazaderm is currently not offering CoolSculpting treatment of submental fat.
  • Liposuction is another option to remove fat from under the chin or even the jowls. Microcannula liposuction is Dr. Hansen’s first choice to remove larger amounts of fat in the area. It is often cheaper than the other non-invasive methods and has the advantage of doing it all in one treatment.
  • Renuvion (formerly J-Plasma) is often combined with microcannula liposuction for those patients that have skin laxity of the neck. The Renuvion treatment is the use of plasma energy that can tighten the skin as well as the connective tissues under the skin. This will give a better appearance to the jawline.
  • Prolipo is also called laser-assisted liposuction. The laser is used to break up the fat prior to suction and then is used to heat up the skin and connective tissues to achieve tightening of the skin.
  • Y-Lift is the use of fillers in the face and along the jawline to rebuild the natural contours of the neck. This can work nicely if you have mild neck laxity. Having a “weak chin” may also contribute to the appearance of a double and using fillers to build the chin may help decrease the appearance of a double chin.

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