The Y-Lift is unique in that it helps to battle the signs of aging. While many people may believe that gravity is the reason behind the hollow areas in the face, the reality is that it is loss of volume that makes our skin sag. Temples, eyelids, cheek bones, as well as the jaw line can all be elevated when filled with the injectable to help replace the lost volume and hold everything in its place. Starting from the cheeks and working downward on the face, the injectable is inserted using a cannula. The entire procedure takes just 30 to 60 minutes and can last from one to two years.

With the Y-Lift, the results are immediate and will reveal a natural and refreshed appearance. With the Y-Lift, there is minimal swelling and bruising, and you must refrain from exercise for a week. Likewise, daily activities can be resumed after the procedure and after a couple days, the injectable will settle in, resulting in the face to look tighter and younger.

The Y-Lift is suitable for both men and women. If you wish to enhance your face and wish to turn back time, schedule a free consultation and appointment at Lazaderm today.

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Frequently Asked Y-Lift Questions

What is the Y-Lift?

As we age, we lose significant volume in our face. The decrease in facial volume comes from the combination of bone loss and loss of the supporting fat pads. The Y-Lift is a specialized minimally invasive technique of adding volume back to the correct loss of volume caused by aging. There are no incisions or sutures.

How long is the Y-Lift procedure?

The Y-Lift will take 20 to 40 minutes for the procedure itself but there will be some preparation prior to include pictures and consent forms. After, care instructions will be reviewed with you. Plan on being in the office about an hour and a half.

Is the Y-Lift safe?

The Y-Lift requires no incisions or sutures. It is a very safe procedure, but should only be performed by a physician trained in the procedure. Dr. Hansen was trained by Dr. Yan Trokel himself. Dr. Trokel is the inventor of the Y-Lift Procedure.

Is there downtime with the Y-Lift?

There is no significant downtime because there are no incisions or sutures. There may be some swelling and bruising but they tend to be limited. You may have some soreness, tenderness or bruising for a few days following the procedure.

How long will the Y-Lift results last?

The results will last one to three years. At Lazaderm, we recommend and annual follow-up for a “touch-up”. The longevity will vary by which product was used and the patient’s metabolism.

Who will benefit from the Y-Lift?

Male and female patients can benefit from the Y-Lift. Women will lose facial volume starting in their thirties. Men tend to start losing volume a little later than women. I feel that any women that has lost volume is a candidate. Even women in their early twenties may benefit from the Y Lift. These patients tend to be thin or very physically fit.