Working as a Team at Lazaderm

Working as a Team At Lazaderm


Many CEO’s call their employees associates, others call them partners. Dr Lornell Hansen calls all 13 of his staff a team – and means it. A teamwork culture is one sign of how Dr. Hansen views his business – Lazaderm Skin Care, Sioux Falls’ first aesthetic skin care center.  In the midst of a growing aesthetics market, it is key to service delivery and patient care.

Dr. Hansen believes he has surrounded himself with a good people.

“My team is highly experienced and properly trained. Lazaderm is more than having the best equipment, a wide variety of products and lots of services. More importantly, it is the people behind the machine using the proper technique, or on the phone making a recommendation, or in the exam room with a patient who is anticipating a procedure. Every member of my team understands the need to educate each patient and build rapport. Most importantly, the entire team respects the importance of confidentiality.”

Innovative thinking goes hand-in-hand with a team culture. Lazaderm opened in January 2004. Then Dr. Hansen was a ‘one-man band.’

“I was on summer break between my first and second year of medical school in 1991 and was doing research at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles through the University of Southern California. I was working on research of a cancer of the eye called retinoblastoma. I was working to establish laser treatment parameters for the treatment of retinoblastoma. The laser used was about 5 times the size of current lasers and weighed about 2,000 pounds.  That is where my interest in lasers started.  Laser technology has taken a large leap and now the newer lasers are easy to move around and are much smaller.   The advancements have allowed us to treat many skin conditions with minimal or no downtime.”

Today Lazaderm is the largest laser aesthetics clinic in the area with locations in Sioux Falls, Watertown and Sioux City. Beyond the latest technology, products and forward thinking, safety is foremost.

“Lasers, Botox and dermal fillers along with medical-grade beauty treatments have become increasingly more popular. The public is seeking a safe, professional approach where treatment, technology and machinery are more advanced, more powerful, less invasive and more effective. We are also concerned with strict industry and medical standards. Also important is a doctor’s oversight before any treatment.”

Dr Hansen says he looks to his past as he continues to build Lazaderm.  “I think a lot about my original ideas for the sort of business I wanted and how we got here.” he says. “Originally, it was going to be a small sideline business but has grown to what it is today.”

“Where a mission statement can be filled with a lot of hollow words, Lazaderm’s core value statement seems to be more suiting. We believe that every patient’s needs are different. This means we want to give patients all the correct information so they know what they are getting and make the decision of what is best for them. Most importantly, we don’t over promise. “

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