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Unique Uses of Filler

Use injectable fillers to fill in areas where volume loss has occurred over time with age. It is most often used in the face to lift cheeks, shape jawlines and fill in other areas where creases in the skin have formed.  Interestingly, injectors have found some more unique uses for filler to correct some of their patients’ concerns.

Lines around the neck (Tech Neck)

Rings can form around one’s neck from spending too much time looking down at a phone, laptop or tablet.  These lines can also just form over time with age. Injectors have begun to use filler to reduce the crease in their patients’ necks.  Now filler is not your only option for smoothing out these lines but is one of the many ways an aesthetic practice will use to smooth these rings around the neck.

Acne Scars

Some acne scars can be treated with laser or chemical peels, but for the tougher ones, filler can be used to fill in space behind a scar, pushing it out.  This process works similarly to suctioning out a dent in the hood of a car.


Everywhere in the body volume is lost as we age. This includes the earlobes.  For women who wear heavy jewelry, the earlobe can begin to sag.  Saggy earlobes can look more youthful with filler. With one treatment of filler, earlobes will have added volume and the damage caused by earrings is reduced.

Knee Wrinkles

Reduce the signs of aging above the knees with the use of certain fillers.  Poly-lactic acid in filler will tighten the extra skin above the knees while helping the body to create collagen.  Skin quality will improve and the sagging of skin over the knees will be reduced. Filler is one of a few different treatments that are available to help tighten skin above the knees.


There are multiple different hand rejuvenation treatments such as BBL to reduce dark spots from sun damage. Use fillers to add volume around tendons and bones that have begun to stick out.  With a filler treatment, one will no longer be able to look at your hands and guess your age as it adds in volume that was lost over time.

 Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Look smarter and healthier with a stronger jawline!  Models around the world desire this look. Implants used to be the only option for chin augmentation, now dermal fillers can be used.  What makes filler a great option is you get a more desirable and customized look for your face.

If you are interested in any of these uses of filler, schedule a free consultation with one of our providers to get more information.

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