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The No Incision Lift

You’ve heard the promises in magazines, on TV, or radio for the instant facelift with no incisions, no downtime and completed in 15 minutes.  We automatically think that it’s too good to be true.  We know that when we hear these commercials we automatically think that they are bunk.  That no longer holds true.  We introduced the Y Lift to Lazaderm about a year and a half ago, and we have had great success with the technique.

The Y Lift truly can be the no incisions, no downtime and instant-results procedure.  The Y Lift is very technique dependent and was developed by Yan Trokel, MD.  You may have seen Dr. Trokel on The Doctors or Dr. Oz or one of many national magazines.  Dr. Trokel spent years developing the Y Lift and its injection techniques.  Dr. Hansen was trained one-on-one by Dr. Trokel.  There are many doctors out there that say they can do the Y Lift but are not trained to do the Y Lift correctly.  These doctors think is just a matter of putting volume in the face.  There are many doctors that attempt to get similar results without training but are unable to perform.  Their patients often look unusual or over full.  In the aesthetic industry we call this “pillow face”.

So, what is the Y Lift?  The Y Lift is a minimally-invasive procedure with no incisions and no significant downtime, and the results will last up to 2 years.  You can think of it is a facelift but is better described as facial contouring.  The Y Lift can accomplish significant definition of the jawline, accentuate the cheekbones, fill the hollowing of the eyes and temples, rebuild the chin and even lift the upper neck.  The Y Lift is technique dependent with injection of dermal fillers such as Voluma, Vollure or Juvederm.

You can see the significant benefits in these pictures.  This is a patient at Lazaderm and the procedure was completed in about 40 minutes by Dr. Hansen.  The pictures include before pictures, immediately after pictures and pictures the next day.  These photos are untouched or manipulated.  You can see the fantastic results possible with the Y Lift.

The ideal candidate is often in their 40’s or 50’s and have significant volume loss in the face.  The Y Lift can benefit both men and women, although men tend to start losing the volume in the face 10 years later than women.  We have also treated patient’s in their 60’s and 70’s with excellent results.

If you have questions about the Y Lift, please schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hansen.  Dr. Hansen is the only Y Lift certified physician in the region.

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