Meet Our New Doctor

Meet Our New Doctor

Physicians Vein Clinics welcomes Darren Chester, MD, to our clinic.

Before joining Dr. Lornell Hansen’s team, Dr. Chester worked dual roles 21 years as a family medicine physician at McGreevy Clinic (now part of Avera) and also a flight surgeon for the SD Air National Guard.

A native South Dakotan, Dr. Chester’s career path didn’t begin in medicine. After graduating from SDSU with a degree in mechanical engineering, he moved his young family to Michigan and worked in automotive engineering for six years. His “itch” to go to medical school and be closer to home brought him back to USD School of Medicine. He completed his family medicine residency in Sioux Falls before joining McGreevy Clinic.

Dr. Chester joined Physicians Vein Clinics in April.

“Leaving my practice wasn’t any easy decision, and I had a wonderful career there, but it was time for a change. I am still in the Guard, which has been a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have gotten to work with great people and have been on deployments all over the world including Iraq, Afghanistan and many other overseas locations,” he says.

Considering himself a “local,” Dr. Chester grew up on a farm north of Parker, SD. He and his wife Mary have been married 34 years. They have three grown children and six grandsons with number seven on the way.

“I enjoy learning and doing new things, which probably explains my life’s path and a multitude of hobbies – aviation, hunting, biking, exercising, muscle cars, farming and tinkering.”

Flying is a special passion and a hobby he shares with his wife.

“Mary and I have enjoyed aviation together and have flown our aircraft regularly for the past 12 years. I love the freedom and adventure it offers,” he says. “The rest of the family also enjoys flying, and I am hopeful my grandsons will be future pilots.”

Dr. Chester says he is excited to be working at Physicians Vein Clinics.

“It is a great small but growing business atmosphere. Because the work is procedural, hands-on and visual, it fits my skillset; but I also like viewing every patient from a big picture standpoint.”

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