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Lazaderm VIP

We have so many great returning clients that we wanted a way to reward them! So, we are excited to announce the new Lazaderm VIP Program. It’s quick, easy and free to sign up!

How does it work?
At your next appointment scan the QR code in the procedure room. Enter the information it prompts you for and save the app to your phone. To get your first reward for signing up, scan the QR code a second time to “check in” and get $50 off on your next visit!

It’s more than just rewards!
Not only can you gain rewards points at every appointment but we’ll post events, latest products, promotions and refer a friend from in the app. Also, you can login to your Alle and ASPIRE|Galderma Rewards right in the app!

Stay in touch.
The app is also capable of texting you promotions and upcoming events.

Lazaderm VIP

If you have further questions about Lazaderm VIP, our staff would be happy to answer them.

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