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Effortlessly Smooth Skin

People often ask me what my favorite procedure is or what is the most common procedure? A service that I think often falls to the wayside is laser hair removal or laser hair reduction.  Personally, as a young, working mother, laser hair removal is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. In fact, if I had known how awesome it really was I would have done it way before I had the opportunity and privilege to work for Lazaderm.  As any working mom will tell you showers are a precious commodity and often short!  I can’t tell you how great it is to get in the shower every day and not have to worry about shaving my underarms or legs. Not to mention how much time it saves me in my day! I love not worrying about nicks or cuts. Also, I never have to worry about putting on a pair of shorts before heading to the park with my kids.

Here are a few basic things to know about laser hair reduction (LHR).  LHR is semi-permanent because we can’t control which hair follicles have hair; and when the body turns follicles on and off, patients will have some re-growth with time.  Initially, my patients usually undergo a series of 5-7 treatments 4-10 weeks apart. This depends on the area of the body being treated followed by some routine maintenance every 9-24 months (18 months on average).  A patient’s hormones, genetics, medical conditions and ethnic background will determine the number of treatments needed.  LHR does not work on light or gray hair.  The laser energy is attracted to the dark color in hair; so, the darker, coarser and thicker the hair, the better (Sorry to all the beautiful blondes in the world!).  Typically, patients see a 30% reduction in hair after a single treatment; and although it can be uncomfortable, it is one of the highest satisfaction procedures I do!  My patients love their results!

If you’re interested in Laser Hair Reduction, come see us for a free consultation to find out if treatment is the right option for you and your busy lifestyle!

-Brittany C. Wangsness, DNP, FNP-C

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