The Halo Glow

The Halo Glow

Over time, our skin begins to lose its youthful vibrancy due to sun exposure and our body’s natural aging process. This develops in the form of sun spots, fine lines, and uneven tone and texture. Previous lasers available could not effectively remove this damage on their own, because the treatment was either too shallow or too deep.

Lazaderm is excited to announce the arrival of the first Hybrid Fractional Laser, Halo. The first laser to combine two different wavelengths, the Halo precisely targets multiple depths in the dermis and epidermis, eliminating years of damage and restoring the luminous glow you had when you were younger.

This innovative laser uses a hybrid of two fractional lasers, promoting both epidermal renewal and dermal rejuvenation. These dual wavelengths delivered by the Halo impact two different levels of the skin through ablation and non-ablation wavelengths. While the superficial ablation of the epidermis promotes skin turnover and collagen renewal, the deeper dermis non-ablation targets the structures essential for improving the tone and texture of the skin.

The conditions that can be treated with the Halo include:

  • Pigmentation and sun damage
  • Fine lines [halo image]
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Large pore size
  • Melasma
  • Mild scarring

This unique dual wavelength offered by the Halo gives the ability to customize treatments for each individual. We all have different needs in terms of our skincare concerns and the issues that we would like to address. The amount of downtime we have available is a deciding factor as well when determining the treatment we decide to move forward with. The Halo allows the medical staff at LazaDerm Skincare Centre to uniquely tailor each treatment to accommodate individual concerns and expectations. You can now achieve radiant skin without the downtime of a regular ablative laser treatment!

Restore the youthful glow of rejuvenated, luminous skin with the Halo. Call Lazaderm today for your free consultation!

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