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The Benefits of Peels

Chemical and Micro Laser peels can enhance the appearance of your skin. Chemical peels are beneficial for exfoliating the skin via a topical chemical solution that can be applied to the face, neck or hands. The chemical peel acts as a sloughing agent, creating a “peeling” effect on the skin. This allows the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance the texture, reduce visible acne scaring, pigment reduction, as well as reverse the effects of sun damage. Chemical peels are highly effective because they can be applied to the skin at various strengths, depending on the severity of the damage. Many patients enjoy the chemical peel, because it is a process where the residual effects can be seen on a daily basis until all of the old skin has peeled off the treated area. Typically, two weeks is sufficient time for the skin to peel.

MicroLaser peels are also highly effective for skin resurfacing. This procedure is individually tailored to each person according to the condition to be treated. Prior to the peel, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to numb the skin. The laser removes a thin layer of skin, eliminating the old, dead skin, revealing a new layer of youthful skin. Similar to the chemical peel, the MicroLaser peel will also aid the skin in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reduce sun damage such as freckles, pigment irregularities and scars. Many clients and physicians alike enjoy using the MicroLaser peel as a method of skin resurfacing because the laser can be facilitated with great precision and depth.

Both the chemical and MicroLaser peels can be completed in a thirty minute session, if not shorter, which is perfect for those who are looking for a quick solution to skin rejuvenation without a long appointment time. Men and women alike can benefit from chemical and MicroLaser peels. In a matter of one to a few peels, clients can be on their way to a fresh and youthful appearance.

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