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Skin Tags

Skin tags (acrochordon) are small growths of skin that are usually connected to the skin by a small stalk. They are soft bumps that can be skin colored or may appear brown. Skin tags are thought to develop from friction such as where clothes rub on the skin or there is skin to skin friction. They are frequently found around the neck, chest, back, armpits, under the breasts, groin and occasionally the eyelids.

Skin tags tend to develop more in obese individuals over the age of 50. There also may be a genetic component to developing skin tags.


  • Cryotherapy – Freezing of the lesion with liquid nitrogen and is mostly done in the physician’s office. The difficulty with cryotherapy is that it may cause trauma to the surrounding skin.
  • Surgery – Can be as simple as using a pair of scissors to remove the skin tag. Local anesthetic may be required.
  • Laser – The Sciton Erbium Laser can be used to remove skin tags but works best on skin tags with a broad base.
  • Electrocautery – We use the Ellman Surgitron Radiofrequency System to remove skin tags. The skin tag can either be removed or cauterized with this unit.

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