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Profractioned Lasers

Profractionated lasers selectively treat tiny sections deep in the skin, while not affecting the rest of the skin’s surface. The laser targets aged and damaged skin by creating evenly-spaced, small pinpoint areas deep into the dermis. Since the laser treats a portion or “fraction” of the skin’s deepest layers, the surrounding areas are left unharmed. These vertical microscopic treatment areas, called “Micro Thermal Zones” trigger the body to create its own new natural collagen deep in the dermis. The surrounding, non-treated areas help stimulate healing.

In other words, the laser dives deep into the dermis, and destroys these microscopic areas, while leaving the surrounding tissue, unharmed. The treated areas stimulate collagen production, while the skin tightens, and pigmentation is normalized. The skipped areas of healthy cells left behind help speed up the healing process and minimize pain.

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