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Uneven skin is a common concern among patients. As we age, chronic sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle choices, hormonal changes and genetics, all contribute to the physical signs of aging. This accumulated damage depletes our natural stores of melanin and the skin becomes blotchy and uneven. Sun and age spots form, becoming progressively darker and more noticeable over time, making our skin appear older, sometimes older than we actually are.

By effectively applying pulsed light heat directly through the underlying layer of the skin’s surface, the BBL is able to penetrate those deeper cells and stimulate the production of collagen, promoting your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process.

The photothermal energy from the BBL will also eliminate fine vessels that cause redness and reduce uneven pigmentation and discoloration. The pigmented areas will darken at first, gradually fading and lightening as healing occurs. The complexion is rejuvenated – appearing even with improved color and luminosity.

Your skin will continue its restoration in the weeks to follow, revealing vibrant, smoother, and younger looking skin. When both red and brown pigment are present in the skin a combination of BBL treatments may be used to correct both color inconsistencies, for exceptional overall clarity.

Frequently Asked Forever Young BBL Questions
Forever Young BBL is a treatment plan that includes three to four treatments per year. It is the use of broadband light that induces positive genetic changes in the skin. The light therapy will target the signs of sun damage and aging skin. The treatments have also been shown to alter gene expression of the skin in a positive direction to more youthful activity of the genes.
Genes expression is the information located in our DNA. As we age gene expression often decreases. The easy way to think about it is that some genes will become less active. Less active genes are involved in the decreased production of collagen and elastin as we age. These are important components of our skin that give it a firm more youthful appearance. Forever Young BBL has been shown to improve gene expression and activity within the skin cells thus producing more youthful skin.
A 10-year study was completed at Stanford University in California on the skin of treated patients. The patients were received three to four treatments per year. The results of the study were ground breaking. The results showed that many genes associated with more youthful skin were activated (turned on) and others associated with the aging process were deactivated (turned off).
At Lazaderm, we feel that anyone starting to show signs of aged and sun damaged skin are candidates. We do not think of BBL as only correcting skin problems, but also preventing skin changes associated with sun exposure and environmental damage. We feel that Forever Young BBL is best to start before the signs of damage appear. The 10-year study completed by Dr. Bitter on Forever Young BBL showed that it can stop the skins appearance of aging.
Yes, a 10-year study completed by Dr. Bitter showed that patients treated three to four times per year with the BBL appeared younger than when they started their treatments. There were also positive genetic changes seen in the skin treated by the BBL.
Forever Young BBL is a non-invasive series of treatments with no downtime. Clients can immediately apply make-up and go about their daily routine immediately following the procedure.
Any area on the body can be treated. The most common areas treated are the face, neck, chest and hands.