Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical Nose Job

Are there some things that you do not like about the shape of your nose? Just a few years ago your only option was undergoing the knife. This could be very costly and have a significant amount of downtime. Today, you can have your nose reshaped by non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job). A non-surgical nose job can be used to treat nasal bumps, droopy tips, or even a crooked nose.

non-surgical nose job

It seems a little weird that you can make the nose look smaller by adding volume to it but it is possible. The addition of volume in the right places can give the illusion of a smaller nose. To some degree, it can even improve the appearance of a broad nose. A nasal bump can be made to disappear. The tip of the nose can be elevated and a mildly crooked nose can be straightened.

The non-surgical nose job will not correct a deviated septum and cannot correct a severely crooked nose or a nose that is too wide. Occasionally, we will see a wide or broad nose caused by scarring and in situations like this it is possible to decrease the width of the nose by injecting the scar tissues with steroids. The steroids will cause atrophy of the scar tissue and decrease the width of the nose.

Nose Job Filler Options

There are two options of fillers to use: permanent and non-permanent. The non-permanent fillers include the Restylane and Juvederm Families of dermal fillers. We will use one of the fillers that are a little more firm such as in Restylane LyftJuvederm Ultra Plus XC or Voluma. These fillers are going to last around 12 to 24 months once injected. The permanent filler available in the United States is Bellafill. Bellafill should last for years.

Procedure Overview

The non-surgical nose job can be a lunchtime procedure. You will likely be in the clinic for about 1 hour. Once your consultation is completed, pictures will be taken and you will sign your consent. We will then apply a topical numbing cream for about 20 minutes. The topical will be removed and the nose will be cleaned with an antiseptic. Dr. Hansen will complete the injections that should be minimally painful. The injections will take about 10 to 15 minutes. You may be a little red and you may develop some bruising but we will apply ice to decrease this before you leave the clinic. The bruising tends to be mild if it occurs.

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