Lipo-Light vs iLipo Laser

Is Lipo-Light / iLipo Laser Liposculpture similar to traditional liposuction?

There is no similarity in all. The Lipo-Light / iLipo is actually not even a laser. It uses LED lights and flexible pads that are applied to the problematic area. It requires two sessions per week for a total of four weeks to show improvement. There is no downtime with the procedure and there are no long-term studies on its benefits. In theory, the Lipo-Light / iLipo cause a small poor in the fat cell to open and then the fat is released from inside the cell. There is no permanent fat cell destruction. On the other hand, liposuction permanently removes the fat cells from the body. The results from liposuction should last years. Liposuction is also minimally invasive so there will be some downtime associated with liposuction.

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