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Gauged Earlobes

Over the last two decades or so, we have seen an increase in body modifications and piercings. Every individual has their reason for doing these. Gauged earlobes, or ear stretching, is accomplished by slowly stretching out a piercing with what are called gauges. The gauges get bigger over time and when they are removed the gauges leave a large hole in the earlobe.

Gauged earlobes will need repair if the gauges were large enough before they were removed. There are many different reasons to remove their gauges. Sometimes it is for their jobs, going to professional school or sometimes they want to just simply change their appearance. We have had many clients in the clinic that want to join the military.

gauged earlobes


  • Remove gauges – Small gauges may allow the earlobe to “shrink” back close to its original appearance or only leave a small hole that is cosmetically ok with the patient.
  • Dermal Fillers – Dermal fillers like RestylaneJuvederm or Bellafill may be used to fill the thinned-out earlobe and close a small hole that remains following the removal of the gauges.
  • Surgery – Surgical improvement can be completed in the office under local anesthesia. With large gauged ears a portion of the stretched-out earlobe may need to be removed. The edges of the earlobe will be opened up using the Ellman Surgitron and then closed with sutures to close the hole left behind by the gauges.

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