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Favorite Summer Memories

Vacationing to a lake resort (Lake Florida) with my cousins when I was a child.  It was something I looked forward to every summer!  I can’t wait to help my kids make similar memories with their cousins. – Brittany W.

My favorite memory is when growing up my grandparents would rent a cabin in the Black Hills for all of our family – Emily F.

Favorite summertime memory would be going camping with my family and playing at the pool getting bronzed skin. LOL – Katie M.

Favorite memory would be getting that first burn so I can get tan LOL!!! – Rochelle

I would have to say one of my favorite summer memories was growing up as a kid I would travel to my Grandma’s house and stay a week with her going between her house and the farm. At this point in my life I’m not sure why I enjoyed it so much because we always had to get up early and do chores, where if I would’ve stayed home I’d be able to sleep in every day, but I’m sure it was because I got to get out of the city and spend time with my family. – Brittany C.

Traveling out to my dad’s house in Pennsylvania for the summer, going to Ocean City, Maryland and sitting on the beach. – Jen P.

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