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Cosmopolitan’s Holy Grail of Beauty Awards

Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Awards 2023Lazaderm has always been dedicated to bringing our clients the most innovative, cutting-edge laser systems and cosmetic procedures. That being said, it was great seeing some of our most popular procedures in Cosmopolitan magazine article: “Cosmopolitan’s 2023 Holy Grail of Beauty Awards” section “The Pro Treatments that Deliver on Results.”

Botox Cosmetic

There are other neurotoxins available on the market but Lauren Balsamo, Deputy Beauty Director, says, “…I always come back to Botox. The results are consistent–but never weird or frozen looking.” Botox is one of the most popular procedures done at Lazaderm. Also under Dr. Hansen our injectors are rated in the top 3% of injectors nationwide!


You may have heard us mention the newest addition to the JUVÉDERM line in emails or on our app: VOLUX™ XC. The first FDA approved filler for the jawline! Beth Gillette, Beauty Editor, at Cosmo had her jawline injected saying, “…somehow it looks exactly like real bone, giving me a slightly less round face after one appointment.” Get the jawline you’ve always dreamt of!

Clear + Brilliant

Our Sioux City Lazaderm location has this amazing laser available. The Clear + Brilliant improves skin tone and texture with minimal downtime. Gillette from Cosmo tried it out after her dermatologist recommended it after some hormonal acne saying,  “[Clear + Brilliant] a minimal-downtime laser treatment that improves skin tone and texture to treat acne scarring. Immediately, my rough texture disappeared, and by the third treatment, my hyperpigmentation faded.”


We like this treatment so much we make sure all of our clinics have it available. BBL (BroadBand Light) HERO treatment tackles redness, Rosacea, small facial veins and pigmentation. Balsamo at Cosmo was a big fan of the treatment as well. “Basically any form of redness or hyperpigmentation can be zapped with BBL. Oddly, any discoloration will look more pronounced immediately after the treatment, but by as soon as day five, you’ll look like a glowing bb angel.”

Getting a BBL 2-4 times per year for 10 years has clinically proven to turn back the clock. In multiple studies patients looked younger than when they first started getting treatments!

Interested in any of the treatments above? Book a consultation with one of our skilled providers to treat your skincare concerns.


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