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What does Fraxel laser accomplish? Does it tighten the skin?

There are multiple “Fraxel” lasers produced and marketed. There is a CO2 version as well as two versions of a non-ablative glass erbium laser. I do not like the CO2 version of the Fraxel as it has led to issues of…

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Can I combine fillers with skin tightening?

It is perfectly safe to use any of the fillers with skin tightening. Most of the skin tightening processes use infrared light or radiofrequency to heat up the skin.  I feel that it is always best to combine treatment options together, and…

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I have significant sun damage & thin skin, would BBL treatments help?

There are many different options to improve sun damage and thin skin. One of the first important steps is to begin taking better care of your skin. We always recommend a good sunblock which includes at least 7% of titanium…

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I have type 2 diabetes, is it safe to have liposuction?

I have completed liposuction on many type 2 diabetics with good results and without complications. However, I do require that the patient has good control of their diabetes through diet, exercise and their medications. Patients that do not have good control…

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Does Botox work to erase the lines at the corners of the mouth and can it also lift the outside corners of the mouth?

Botox can be used to treat lines in the area at the corners of the mouth, but this is considered an off-label use. If injected correctly, it can significantly improve the lines located there. I recommend that you use a…

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