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CoolSculpting, the Trendy, ‘Cool Kid on the Block’

CoolSculpting. You probably have heard all the “cool” advertising; it is one of the trending words on the airwaves and on social media. ZELTIQ Aesthetics has been aggressively promoting CoolSculpting as a way to lose stubborn belly fat with no…

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Shining a (UV) Light on Sunscreen

One of the best parts of summer is enjoying outdoor activities like ballgames, running, barbecues and being on a boat. Though the sun may feel terrific there can be cruel consequences if you don’t protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV)…

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Hair Restoration 101

Find the cause of hair loss first – then make the choice To truly understand hair restoration, you first need to understand hair loss and baldness.  Hair loss is a common symptom of aging. But that fact really is no…

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Liposuction and the Battle of the Bulge

Liposuction has been around since the 1980’s and is a proven, reliable fat reducer. It is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States.  A doctor uses a small hollow tube called a cannula. Suction is applied as…

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Spider Veins

Spider veins appear as fine red or blue lines or a web-like network of blood vessels on the surface of the skin. They are a mild form of varicose veins and typically appear on the legs and thighs but can…

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