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Vivace – Erase Wrinkles. Even Skin Tone. Minimize Pore Size.

Everyone wants to age gracefully, but inevitably fine lines and wrinkles set in!  Everyone wants radiant, smooth skin, but acne happens both past and present.  With the help of Vivace Microneedling with Radiofrequency you can Love the Skin You're In!…

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Are Your Brow Goals On Point?

Shading is a technique used during Microblading to add an “ombre” shading effect.  This technique is done using a special tool that will add depth and definition to the brows for a more defined look.   As we all know, Microblading…

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The No Incision Lift

You’ve heard the promises in magazines, on TV, or radio for the instant facelift with no incisions, no downtime and completed in 15 minutes.  We automatically think that it’s too good to be true.  We know that when we hear…

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Working as a Team At Lazaderm

  Many CEO’s call their employees associates, others call them partners. Dr Lornell Hansen calls all 13 of his staff a team – and means it. A teamwork culture is one sign of how Dr. Hansen views his business –…

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Lazaderm is proud to announce the addition of Vivace Microneedling with Radiofrequency. Dr. Hansen has been evaluating microneedling with radiofrequency devices over the past two years. We have had trialed multiple devices in our clinic, and the only one that…

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