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Can My 14 Year Old Have Acne Treatments?

There are several options available for the treatment of acne in adolescents. On average most acne starts forming up to 12 weeks before pimples form on the skin, so any treatment option takes time and diligence. Regular, twice daily skin cleansing, toning and treatment with a combination of high quality, prescription grade, acne treatment options such as Salicylic Acids, Benzoyl Peroxides, Retin-A products are the best place to start. At times prescription antibiotics are also needed to control bacterial overgrowth on the skin. We also offer options to accelerate patient results to improve acne break-outs faster including: chemical peels which help turn the skin over more quickly, bringing impurities to the surface to accelerate healing time or Broad Band Light treatments (BBL) which uses specific wavelengths of light to target acne bacteria destroying it and the redness of inflammation helping to even skin tone.

The best way to get started treating acne is to have a consultation with a Lazaderm skincare provider. At Lazaderm our medical staff are happy to meet with patients to customize a skin care regimen based on the patients individual skin type (oily, dry or combination), type of acne present and severity of acne.

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