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Banish Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal

1 year ago

Unwanted hair, pretty much everyone has it. Whether male or female, we are all tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing, sugaring and whatever else we’ve desperately used trying to make it go away! For women it can be anywhere from those unsightly dark sprigs that appear on our faces, chin and neck, to the bikini area, arms, underarms and legs. For men it can be feeling like a woolly mammoth on their backs, shoulder, chest or even the back of their necks.

What are the Vitalize Peel Side effects and results I can expect?

1 year ago

The side effects of a Vitalize peel are peeling and flaking for 3 to 5 days, sun sensitivity, burning sensation, and some skin redness.

Can My 14 Year Old Have Acne Treatments?

1 year ago

There are several options available for the treatment of acne in adolescents. On average most acne starts forming up to 12 weeks before pimples form on the skin, so any treatment option takes time and diligence.

How is the VI Peel Different from Other Peels?

1 year ago

The VI Peel is relatively painless chemical peel but will cause significant peeling. The VI peel consists of trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Retin-A, salicylic acid, phenol and vitamin C. This peel will help smooth out wrinkles, improve pigmentation, make dull skin glow and help with rough texture.

The Benefits of Peels

1 year ago

Chemical and Micro Laser peels can enhance the appearance of your skin. Chemical peels are beneficial for exfoliating the skin via a topical chemical solution that can be applied to the face, neck or hands. The chemical peel acts as a sloughing agent, creating a “peeling” effect on the skin.
Enhance Your Beauty

Our vision at Lazaderm is to provide the region with the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures for skin and body rejuvenation. We are passionate about serving our valued clients and ensuring their comfort, safety, and education.

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