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#NoFilter on Your Selfies

7 months ago

As society becomes more and more focused on social media and the importance of a youthful appearance, there is more pressure on our industry to reverse the signs of aging.  A product that I am very excited to launch in my practice is “Sculptra” by Galderma, the maker of Restylane. 

How to Make Your EYES Stand OUT

8 months ago

Permanent Eyeliner is something everyone woman would love to have. Eyeliner can be subtle to very dramatic; it is all dependent on what the patient wants.

Fall Skincare Products with Dr. Brittany Wangsness

8 months ago

Congratulations Miss South Dakota - Madison Nipe!

11 months ago

Vivace - Erase Wrinkles. Even Skin Tone. Minimize Pore Size.

11 months ago

Vivace! Love the Skin You’re In!
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