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Bellafill: The First FDA Approved Permanent Dermal Filler

It’s a fact that as we age we lose significant volume in our faces and what we’re left with are fine lines, wrinkling and a look that’s gaunt and tired. In the past one of the only solutions to this unfortunate occurrence was a surgical facelift. Thanks to the continual advancement in cosmetic technology, however, you may no longer have to go under the knife to achieve a fuller, more lifted look that lasts and looks natural.

Lasting 5 years or longer, Bellafill is the first FDA approved dermal filler considered permanent. A collagen based filler, it immediately adds volume and lift to smooth away facial wrinkles and lines. Unlike other popular fillers, however, Bellafill takes the results you’re hoping for to the next level. Containing small microspheres, Bellafill restores rather than just fills lost volume, promoting and boosting your skins own natural production of collagen. The result is a firmer and more youthful look that lasts.

Wrinkles and loss of volume are not the only issues Bellafill addresses. It also offers amazing results for those suffering from acne scarring or any type of pitted scarring. By adding volume below the scar, Bellafill lifts the sunken area of the skin to be even with the surrounding edges, revealing a smoother and more even surface.

Bellafill is a simple in-office treatment with very minimal down-time. It offers relief from “needle fatigue” and having to maintain other fillers that only last months as opposed to years. Call Lazaderm Skincare Centre today to schedule your free consultation and find out if Bellafill is right for you.

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