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Skin Care Tips, Trends and Treatments

Winter Skin Care

Brittany Wangsness, Doctor of Nursing Practice tells us all about winter skin and how to promote your skin health and prevent dryness during the long winter months!  She talks about her private makeup lesson and what she learned about her own…

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Common Misconceptions about Botox

I’m here today to debunk some of the biggest misconceptions about Botox. First, that you need to be “old” to do Botox. Second, that you should wait until you have wrinkles to get Botox; and third, that Botox will change…

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color science total Eye Restore

Total Transformation with the New Total Eye Restore Regimen at Lazaderm

Bringing Colorescience Total Eye to our clients nearly six months ago has been an absolute game changer for many of our patients.  The Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy with SPF 35 has changed how patients feel about their under eyes…

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Restless Legs and Vein Disease

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming urge to move your legs in the middle of the night? Has this movement and irritability to move your legs keep you from relaxing in bed, and often robbing you of sleep? In many…

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Valentine’s Crushes, Candy and Memories

The ladies at Lazaderm answered a few Valentine's Day questions about their favorite celebrity crush, favorite candy and their favorite memory.  Keep reading to find out what they had to say! Nikole:  Favorite Valentine Candy:  Dove Milk Chocolates...and not just…

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