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7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Cheek Filler

Dermal filler is among the most-requested topics at our medspa. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were approximately 2.7 million filler injections done in 2018 alone.

Cheek injections are considered the new lip injections as more and more patients are recognizing the importance of cheekbones. Cheekbones represent 70% of facial beauty. Fillers to the mid-face can restore youthfulness and provide a pleasing architecture to facial contours.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, getting cheek fillers requires the skill and experience of board certified doctors. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about cheek fillers.



1. What is Cheek Filler

Dermal filler is an FDA-approved injectable that helps soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve symmetry, and create volume or dimension. Cheek areas include the lower edge of the eye socket, nasolabial folds and a line sweeping up from the corner of the mouth to the ear canal. Filler injected anywhere in this area is considered cheek filler.

2. Right Candidate for Cheek Fillers

Patients seeking fillers for cheeks are mainly concerned with the following:

1. Lost Volume in Cheeks: As you age, the cheeks can begin to look deflated and the mid face areas lose healthy, youthful contours. Adding volume to the cheeks with fillers can restore the facial shape.

2. Pronounced Nasolabial Fold: The nasolabial fold, also known as smile lines, are the parenthesis-like lines that stretch from our nose to mouth. Due to the loss of volume, firmness and elasticity as we age, nasolabial folds appear more pronounced. Nasolabial folds are among the biggest indicators of age.

3. Cosmetic Enhancement: Many people in their early 20s and 30s will get cheek fillers to enhance their facial contours. Cheekbones are the focal point of facial bone structure. When doctors inject fillers to plump and fill cheekbones, it not only lifts the mid-face, but also gives a pleasing youthfulness to the upper face. Cheek fillers are highly customizable. You might want plumper cheeks if you have a thin face or a more angular look if you have a round face.

3. Results depend on the types of fillers

Fillers create an instant contour to the face. The most common fillers for cheek augmentation are hyaluronic acid fillers. The HA filler is comprised of a protein that is naturally produced in our body. It will lift and plump the cheeks to give a perfect contour.

1. Restylane Lyft & Juvederm Voluma: These are hyaluronic acid fillers that create a better shape and hold the results for a long time. Hyaluronic Acid fillers get completely absorbed by the body over time. If you are not happy with your Filler before & after, the result can be resolved.

3. Sculptra: Made of poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra is another filler option that works great for cheek augmentation. Sculptra doesn’t create instant results, but it continually produces more collagen and adds volume over 6 months.

4. You don’t need to look like you’ve “had work done”

Fillers, under the administration of an experienced doctor, create a pleasant, natural plump for your cheeks. That’s why it’s always important to do research and work with a professional who has a deep knowledge of facial anatomy and has an aesthetic eye for a natural result.

Check your injector’s filler before and after on their websites, reviews and interview your filler injector. Thorough research can avoid a filler treatment gone wrong.

5. The procedure and recovery time is very quick

A filler injection treatment can take 20 – 30 minutes. Before the procedure, you will have an initial consultation with the provider to discuss your goals and determine exactly how much filler you’ll need.

At Lazaderm, our filler injectors offer a free consultation for every patient. If you and the provider both agree on the treatment plan, you can have a same-day injection. You can return to work or normal activities immediately. It is possible that you may experience minor swelling, but it may go down within the first couple of days.

6. Filler can last up to 2 years without touch-ups

How long filler lasts depends on the type of filler and where it’s placed. You can expect the results to last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Juvederm Voluma is the longest-lasting available dermal fillers on the market. To know more about the expected result of cheek filler, consult a filler provider at our medspa in Chandler.

7. How much does cheek filler cost?

The cost of cheek fillers depends on the type of product used, your expected results, how much filler is needed, and most importantly, the level of experience your practitioner has. You will need a consultation with your filler provider to determine the actual cost.

On average, the cost can fall anywhere between $350 and $700 per syringe. Remember you are not only paying for the product used for treatment, but you are also paying for the experience and expertise of your injector. Getting cheap filler deals from Groupon or unqualified practitioners can lead to filler gone wrong, which ends up costing much more money.

Cheek Filler at Lazaderm

If you are noticing signs of aging signs due to volume loss in your cheeks or want to enhance your facial symmetry, you might be an ideal candidate for cheek fillers.

Starting your research with an initial consultation with one of our providers in Sioux Falls SD, Sioux City IA, or Watertown SD.

Call us at 800-597-2095 or book online for a free consultation.

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